Our Services

Taking a participatory approach, TOUCH projects are uniquely crafted, hands-on from concept through completion, beginning with a rigorous needs appraisal and closing with the formation of enduring partnerships.


Our clients benefit from a comprehensive suite of services that are based on research, experience and hard work. We establish strong relationships with our clients and partners to achieve optimum results. 

Designing for Social Impact humanizes products, services and experiences through deep research, insights and design strategies.

We strive to be the best partner our clients and collaborators could wish for. To apply the wisdom of social responsibility and sustainability to everything we do To implement solutions to our social and environmental crises.. To  inspire others to do the same. 

We deliver. 


Socially Responsible  

TOUCH has been interested and actively involved in supporting communities with social causes. Through product development and Design Experiences we have worked with non profit organizations that supports the process such as ISA, SEBRAE in Brazil, Indigo Africa, AHA Bolivia, among others.  


TOUCH offers consulting for product designers, manufacturers, brands, corporations, NGO’S,  with the purpose to optimize the development process by using the smartest path, best people and most appropriate resources to get the product made and introduced to the market place.