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What if the future was hopeful, optimistic and wonderful? What if luxury, well-being and creativity were the norm for our future way of life?


TOUCH is a social design enterprise with studios based in Los Angeles and Paris working with designers, artisan communities, brands and collaborators around the world. We use a broader and cross-disciplinary approach to creative expression, craft and design. We build meaningful partnerships into every project we undertake between the public, private and social sectors to sustainably scale solutions from social, environmental and business perspectives. 

Design, craft and artistic expression is our tool to solve social and environmental problems. We bring clarity, quality and new ideas to your Sustainability Project. 



Our projects and products embody our vision of design as a tool to help generate a flourishing world - for our environment, our communities, and our own wellbeing. 


We believe that we can (re)design society through creativity and design. To bring bold ideas to life, advance the human experience through sustainability and inspire others to do the same. 


We are committed to measuring our impact through a range of relevant metrics and indicators. Each year, we undertake a comprehensive social impact assessment, collecting data on the ongoing progress of our projects, and publishing the results. 

Our Key Principles